Ref. C17-CEM-107-04, 20 December 2017
In July 2012, the CEER Guidelines of Good Practice (GGP) on Price Comparison Tools presented 14 recommendations for energy price comparison tools which covered the following themes: independence, transparency, exhaustiveness, clarity and comprehensibility, correctness and accuracy, user-friendliness, accessibility and customer empowerment. This document presents the updated guidelines, along with two additional guidelines. Although the previous GGP on comparison tools of 2012 remain essentially valid, as a result of this revision some novel aspects are introduced that derive from the experience of the past five years, technological and market evolution and the stakeholders consultation. The two additional guidelines help to future proof the recommendations.
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Ref. C17-MMR-83-02, 21 November 2017
This document seeks to support the findings of ACER/CEER’s position paper “Energy Regulation: A Bridge to 2025”. Therefore, the report shall deliver an overview on the recent retail markets developments and intends to provide a valuable input for discussions triggered by the “Clean Energy Package” proposals of the European Commission.

Ref: C16-SC-52-03, 24 January 2017

This CEER Handbook has been developed as a practical guide for national regulatory authorities in the process of evaluating the performance of their national retail energy markets. By providing a clear description and purpose of each metric as well as information on how to quantify the metric and the source of data, the Handbook facilitates energy regulators’ assessment of their retail markets. In addition, the pilots performed by energy regulators, which are released along with the Handbook, will give energy regulators an insight and examples into the practical usability of the metrics. CEER invites national energy regulatory authorities to use this Handbook and the accompanying pilots in order to self-assess their national retail markets.

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