Status Review on customer access to information on energy costs, sources and energy efficiency schemes
Ref: C13-CEM-65-04, 16 December 2013

The review illustrates how key information on the cost and sources of energy and of efficiency schemes is made available to final energy customers. Such information includes: the breakdown of cost components; national and international comparisons of end-user prices; different energy mixes; how to produce energy at home; and opportunities to participate in energy efficiency schemes.

Status Review on the involvement of consumer organisations in the regulatory process as of 1st January 2013
Ref: C13-CEM-65-03, 30 October 2013

This document provides thorough insight into working relations between NRAs and consumer organisations. The overall aim of this review is to depict if, how and on which particular issues NRAs and consumer organisations collaborate. The analysis is based on responses gathered from both NRAs and consumer organisations.

Status Review of Regulatory Aspects of Smart Metering
Ref: C13-RMF-54-05, 12 September 2013

This document seeks to review the extent to which Member States and National Regulatory Authorities are applying the recommendations included in the ERGEG document “Final Guidelines of Good Practice on Regulatory Aspects of Smart Metering for Electricity and Gas.” It also reviews how smart metering functionalities are handled and how the relating economic and customer assessments are made.

CEER 2013 Annual Conference on Energy Customers Proceedings
Proceedings of the conference, 19 June 2013