Status Review on Regulatory Aspects of Smart Metering (Electricity and Gas) as of May 2009
Ref. E09-RMF-17-03, 19 October 2009

This ERGEG Status Review provides an overview of the state of play regarding the introduction of smart meters in ERGEG member and observer countries. The report examines the issue from a regulatory perspective; that is to say according to 4 areas of particular importance when considering intelligent metering systems: meter value management; roll-out policy; access to data and privacy issues; and functional and technical aspects. Among other things, the report illustrates the diversity of approaches to smart metering, visible in part by the lack of common definitions to key concepts, even at national level.

Status review of the definitions of vulnerable customer, default supplier and supplier of last resort
Ref. E09-CEM-26-04, 9 September 2009

This report provides an analysis of the state of play in the ERGEG member and observer countries as regards these issues and Article 3 obligations in the Electricity and Gas Directives (2003/54/EC and Directive 2003/55/EC, respectively). This work was undertaken following a request from the first Citizens’ Energy Forum in London in October 2008.

ERGEG Status Review of End-user Price Regulation as of 1 July 2008
Ref. E08-CPR-21-05, 11 March 2009

This Status Review is a follow-up to ERGEG’s July 2007 Position Paper on End-user Energy Price Regulation which called for the removal of regulated prices and for Member States to publish (by July 2008) a roadmap on how they were going to do this. This Status Review shows that one year after full market opening (i.e. by July 2008), regulated prices continue (alongside market prices) in a large number of EU countries (15 in electricity, and 13 in gas). More than 80% of customers across all market segments remain on regulated prices, confirming a serious lask of competition in retail energy markets. In 12 of those 15 countries with regulated end-user electricity prices, and in 10 of the 13 countries with regulated end-user gas prices, the regulator does not have the power to decide to remove the regulated price.