CEER Status Review of Renewable and Energy Efficiency Support Schemes in Europe
Ref: C12-SDE-33-03, 3 December 2012 - revised on 25 June 2013

This document forms the latest update of CEER's reporting on renewable support schemes. The purpose of Status Review publications is to collect comparable data on RES support in Europe in order to provide policy-makers, regulators and industry participants with information on support schemes for electricity from renewable energy sources, by technology and type of instrument.
Please note: this report was republished in June 2013 to provide the complete data for Germany, replacing estimated figures.

CIRED Conference 2013 - Papers

The annual International Conference on Elecricity Distribution (CIRED) took place on 10-13 June 2013, in Sweden.
NRAs often contribute to the conference both presenting as speakers and by submitting papers on topical issues. Members of CEER contributed 4 papers which can be found on the CIRED website (available in zip files for each Session under "Papers"). The papers are:
  • Guidelines for Good Practice on Voltage Quality Monitoring (Session 2 - no. 0349)
  • A European Benchmarking of Voltage Quality Regulation (Session 2 - no. 0350)
  • A European Benchmarking of Continuity of Supply Regulation (Session 2 - no. 1229)
  • Commercial Quality Regulation in European Countries (Session 6 - no. 0561)

CEER response to European Commission public consultation on generation adequacy, capacity mechanisms and the internal market in electricity
7 February 2013

CEER welcomes the opportunity to comment on the European Commission consultation paper on delivering a more coordinated approach to generation adequacy and security of supply in the Internal Electricity Market (IEM) and ensuring that any state interventions in this regard are well designed and effective.