Guidelines of Good Practice for the implementation and use of voltage quality monitoring for regulatory purposes
Ref: C12-EQS-51-03, December 2012

In this joint deliverable, CEER and the ECRB have drafted guidelines for national energy regulatory authorities, with the aim of facilitating the establishment and efficient functioning of programmes to monitor voltage quality. The GGP also suggest the various indices which can be applied for the purposes of such monitoring.

CEER response to the Commission Communication on Renewable Energy: a major player in the European energy market COM (2012)271
Ref: C12-EWG-81-05, 9 July 2012

In June 2012, the European Commission released its Communication on Renewable Energy. This CEER response aims to explain NRA's view on the Communication as regards regulatory issues.

CEER Conclusions Paper on the Implications of Non-harmonised Renewable Support Schemes
Ref: 12-SDE-25-04b, 18 June 2012

In 2011, CEER launched a public consultation document on the implications of non-harmonised renewable support schemes, in order to explore and better understand some of the effects that the differences between support schemes in Europe may have on investment decisions and on market functioning.

The draft report was issued for public consultation in November 2011. To view the consultation documents, please click here

5th Benchmarking Report on Electricity Quality of Supply
Ref. C11-EQS-47-03, 2 December 2011

The 5th Benchmarking Report on the Quality of Electricity Supply provides an in-depth review of continuity of supply, voltage quality and commercial quality. This detailed report analyses data from 27 European countries and contributes to a better understanding of the quality of electricity supply levels and policy throughout Europe. The 5th edition of the report introduces information from 10 new countries, including Switzerland and a dedicated annex on quality of supply in 9 countries of the Energy Community.