CEER Monitoring Report on Implementation of the Transparency Template in the European LNG Terminals
Ref.C13-GWG-102-04, 20 December 2013

This document presents CEER’s monitoring of the implementation of the Transparency Template on European LNG terminal websites. In 2012, GLE-CEER launched the LNG Transparency Template, with the objective of facilitating access to LNG terminals by providing users with the information they need in an accessible way, also allowing LNG operators to comply with transparency provisions in European regulation.

CEER Interim Report on changing gas storage usage and effects on security of supply
Ref. C13-GWG-102-03, 20 November 2013

This interim report examines changing gas storage usage in Europe and effects on security of supply. It presents the results of a CEER questionnaire that was sent to storage users and storage operators to understand why less storage capacity was booked during the last storage season and to gain an outlook on future booking behaviour.

CEER Blueprint on incremental gas capacity
Ref. C13-GIF-06-03, 23 May 2013

This document puts forward clear principles and processes for the identification and allocation of incremental gas capacity. CEER's work on incremental capacity builds from our consultation on Market-Based Investment Procedures for Gas Infrastructure: Issues and Approaches (C12-GWG-87-03) carried out in 2012. The blueprint is intended as input to the discussion on EU-wide principles and processes for market-based investment procedures in gas transmission capacity.

CEER Status Review and evaluation of access regimes at LNG terminals in the EU
Ref. C12-LNG-15-03, 12 March 2013

This Status Review presents an assessment of access conditions to LNG terminals in Europe, taking into account recent developments in the EU gas market. Based on data provided by NRAs, CEER analysed the rules in place, the level of capacity utilisation, spot contracting, secondary market functioning and the application of congestion management procedures at LNG terminals over the past three years (2009-2011).