ERGEG revised principles on gas CAM and CMP
Ref. E09-GNM-10-03, 10 December 2009

This document seeks to provide an overall picture of ERGEG’s principles on Capacity Allocation Measures and Congestion Management Procedures on European Gas Transmission Networks.

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Comitology recommendations on gas CMP
Ref. E09-GNM-10-07, 10 December 2009

This ERGEG document on recommendations for guidelines on congestion management is intended to serve as input for the Commission when revising the Annex of Gas Regulation (EC) 1775/2005 regarding the rules on congestion management.

Comitology recommendations- Impact assessment
Ref. E09-GNM-10-04, 10 December 2009

ERGEG comments on the EC's Proposal for a Regulation on Security of Gas Supply
Ref. E09-SOS-01-03, 12 October 2009

Following the dispute between Ukraine and Russia, which led to a disruption of gas supplies to Europe, the European Commission undertook to bring forward its review of the Security of Gas Supply Directive. ERGEG welcomes the European Commission’s approach to security of supply and has prepared a number of comments and proposals regarding the Proposal for a Regulation concerning measures to safeguard security of gas supply.

ERGEG's response to GTE+ 2010 Annual Work Programme
14 September 2009

Monitoring the implementation of the GGPLNG
Ref. E09-LNG-07-03, 3 June 2009

In 2009 ERGEG carried out a comprehensive monitoring exercise of its Guidelines of Good Third Party Access Practice for LNG System Operators (GGPLNG). ERGEG’s monitoring exercise therefore covered LSOs, System users and NRAs. The aim was to assess the degree of implementation and hence compliance with the requirements outlined in the GGPLNG, to identify benefits and failures, as well as users’ requests and main trends in the market, to obtain clear conclusions and recommendations for how the potential difficulties in LNG regimes could be reduced and access improved.

ERGEG Guidelines on Article 22 (exemptions) - Conclusions
Ref. E07-GFG-31-07b, April 2009

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European Regulators’ Experience with Article 22 exemptions of Directive 2003/55/EC
Ref. E08-GIF-02-03, 10 March 2009

The focus of the document “European Regulators’ Experience with Article 22 exemptions of Directive 2003/55/EC. 2008 Update of ERGEG’s internal survey” was to obtain the necessary data to update the relevant project tables of the 2007 report. This document is the summary of the results on additional and updated information on Art. 22 experience, mainly derived from regulatory authorities.
In September 2007, ERGEG published its Analysis Report on European Regulators’ Experience with Art. 22 exemptions of Directive 2003/55/EC . A number of projects that had not been included in the report (which was based on responses to questionnaires as of March 2007) are expected to apply for an Art. 22 exemption or have already done so.

ERGEG Letter to Commissioner Piebalgs advising on lessons from Russia-Ukraine gas dispute
This 10th February letter from ERGEG Chair, Lord Mogg, suggests a series of measures for the European Union to be better prepared to withstand and react to such crisis situations. It contains five concrete measures.
See also accompanying the Press Release: ERGEG advises Commissioner Piebalgs on the lessons from Russia-Ukraine gas dispute

Pilot framework guideline on CAM- initial impact assessment
Ref. E09-GNM-10-06 This document contains ERGEG’s impact assessment on the Pilot Framework Guideline on Capacity Allocation on European Gas Transmission Networks (Ref: E09-GNM-10-05).