19 November 2019
The purpose of this joint ACER-CEER Conclusions Paper is for CEER and the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) to identify priorities for legislative and regulatory action that go beyond the scope of the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” Package (CEP). In particular, the paper focuses on the gas sector, also with a view to sector coupling. In doing so, we aim to support the European Commission in relation to any future legislative initiative in this area. Regulators’ priority is to improve outcomes for consumers and other gas users in both the short and longer terms, particularly in the context of decarbonisation.

This document is the result of an extensive public consultation, please see here the Evaluation of Responses.

The ACER public consultation and related Evaluation of Responses, please see here.

29 August 2019
Pan-European cost-efficiency benchmark for gas transmission system operators
This is the final report of a CEER project on cost efficiency benchmarking that involves data collection, validation and calculation of various efficiency indicators. Respecting the confidentiality of the submitted data and the prerogatives of each national regulatory authority to use or not the information produced in review of network tariffs or other monitoring, the report does not contain details for individual operators, nor comments or recommendations concerning the application of the results in regulation. In addition to this open report, each regulator and participating operator has also received a more detailed confidential analysis.

Ref: C18-LNG-37-03, 24 July 2019
The main objective of this report is to identify possible ways to foster the development of LNG market at an EU level to find solutions to both real and anticipated problems. The deliverable focuses on initiatives to achieve the goal, by increasing LNG flexibility and liquidity, removing rigid contracts clauses, simplifying TPA conditions, suggesting new services to foster terminal utilisation and exploring ways to promote price signals arise compatible with the Quo Vadis study of the Single European Gas Market. It also contains case studies that identify innovative approaches. The outcome of the questionnaire circulated among NRAs and the meetings with key stakeholders, EUROGAS, EFET and GLE have also been taken into consideration. The findings of this report are intended to foster the development of a market for LNG in Europe and facilitate its role in the European market.
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29 August 2019
Pan-European cost-efficiency benchmark for gas transmission system operators - Appendix