C20-EPU-40-03, 23 September 2020
This CEER document shares with the public CEER’s 21 September 2020 response to the European Commission’s Public Consultation on an EU Strategy for offshore renewables

Ref: C19-DS-55-07, 3 July 2020
This note on stranded assets in the distribution network highlights the main findings following a survey on stranded assets to the CEER Member and Observer National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs).

Ref: C19-DS-58-03, 30 June 2020
This document presents a short paper on Whole System Approaches (WSA). It categorises three different layers of WSA, taking into account the parties involved (network operators and others) and the scope of activities impacted:
1. Whole-network-approach;
2. Whole-chain-approach; and
3. Cross-systems-approach.
Annex 1 presents some case studies with practical application of WSA showing that some regulators have already adopted elements of the WSA and that the WSA has evolved based on the assessments of former mechanisms.

19 June 2020
In this paper, ACER and CEER propose specific recommendations in the following three areas: governance of infrastructure development; scope of principles for Projects of Common Interest; and TEN-E processes ahead of the upcoming revision of the Guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure Regulation (TEN-E Regulation).

Ref: C20-CS-58-03, 4 June 2020
This document presents how cybersecurity topics have been developed in the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package, going through act by act. This paper also provides information on the status and the roles of the different stakeholders in respect to those topics with a special focus on the role of the national regulatory authorities (NRAs) and of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER).

C19-RBM-19-05, 29 April 2020
This CEER document (C19-RBM-19-05) reports on whether cooperation models are put in place between NRAs and relevant entities/organisations in order to better ensure consumer protection, as foreseen in the Consumer Protection Cooperation (CPC) Regulation (EU) 2017/2394.

C19-IRB-48-03, 28 January 2020
This CEER report provides an overview of European energy (electricity and gas) network regulatory regimes in 2019, including required efficiency developments, analyses of the costs of capital, and regulatory asset base and depreciation methodologies.
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Annex 3 - Collected & filled out tables
Annex 4 - Case studies of single regulatory regimes
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