C21-RES-75-05, 20 October 2021
This document presents an updated assessment of the status quo of formally supported RES installation in Europe. A first CEER paper (C19-RES-64-04a) on the topic was published in May 2020.
This paper follows three main objectives: (1) Assessing the magnitude of RES installations, which will be running without support, notably after their support time has ended, in the coming years; (2) identifying the upcoming regulatory challenges and, if needed, the changes to the legal framework; and (3) showing alternative business strategies for RES installations running without support.

C20-CRM-DS-03-03, 20 September 2021
This document presents CEER’s assessment of innovative business models and their impact on regulatory frameworks as well as their implications for consumer protection. The report provides key takeaways and ways forward on the identified regulatory challenges.
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C21-DS-CRM-03-06, 3 September 2021
CEER Response to the European Commission Consultation on the Data Act

2 August 2021
CEER Response to the European Commission Consultation on Climate, Energy and Environmental Aid Guidelines (CEEAG). NB: Submitted to the European Commission on 30 July but published by CEER on 2 August.

C21-SSG-06-05, 10 June 2021
This document presents the Council of European Energy Regulator’s (CEER) strategy “Empowering Consumers for the Energy Transition”. The basis of the Strategy is that European energy regulators, with a view to promoting the energy transition and contributing to a carbon-neutral society and economy, are committed to “empowering consumers for the energy transition”, by:

• Enabling energy system integration: integrating renewables and incentivising innovation;

• Placing consumers at the centre of energy markets with consumer-centric dynamic regulation, empowering consumers to actively contribute to and benefit from a flexible energy system; and

• Ensuring open, well-functioning and resilient markets nationally and in Europe: delivering flexibility and new business models.

C21-EPU-44-15, 19 July 2021
This paper reviews CEER’s work and brings out CEER’s main messages from first half of 2021.

C20-RBM-23-04, 26 April 2021
This document discusses the organisational framework within which Europe’s national energy regulators (NRAs) operate. It shines a light on NRAs’ tasks and powers, resources, independence, accountability and transparency. Within this, it looks both at rules that are imposed on regulators (e.g. by law) and at the arrangements and organisational decisions NRAs have taken themselves. More info...Citizens Q&A

C21-RBM-28-04, 08 April 2021
This note gives an initial look at the use of dynamic regulation tools amongst NRAs and related considerations

C21-COV-04-04, 29 March 2021
This document presents CEER’s first analysis of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the energy sector. This interim report seeks to highlight the pandemic’s impact on the energy market as a whole and on energy companies in particular. Furthermore, it summarises the approaches from 28 participating countries to protect energy customers during these extraordinary times.
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C20-IRB-54-03, 11 March 2021
The Report on Regulatory Frameworks for European Energy Networks 2020 analyses different regulatory systems of electricity and gas networks (at the TSO and DSO level) in most EU Member States, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Iceland and Norway.
The report provides a general overview of the regulatory practices in place by focusing on e.g. the calculation of a rate of return, the determination of the regulatory asset base (RAB) and the depreciation of assets in the different regulatory systems.

The related documents accompanying the report are:
Annex 4 - Collected & filled out tables
Annex 5 - In-depth collection of case studies of nine countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden)
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5 March 2021
This paper is a response to the European Commission’s December 2020 proposal for the revision of the Regulation (EU) 347/2013 on Guidelines for Trans-European Energy Networks (“TEN-E Regulation”). ACER and CEER welcome the adaptation of the TEN-E Regulation to the policy goals of the EU Green Deal but see room for improvement in a number of areas from a regulatory viewpoint.

C20-EPU-42-03, 28 January 2021
This paper reviews CEER’s 2020 work and brings out CEER’s main messages from 2020.