Ref: C22-RES-80-04, 28 September 2023
This CEER Status Review of Renewable Support Schemes in Europe for 2020 and 2021 (C22-RES-80-04) collects comparable data on support for RES in Europe in order to provide policymakers, regulators and industry participants with necessary information to better utilise and develop support schemes designs for the benefit of the consumer. The data is provided by technology and type of instrument (e.g. Feed-in tariffs (FiTs), Feed-in premiums (FiPs) and Green Certificates (GCs)).
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Annex 14 with additional data
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Ref: C23-DS-84-04, 28 June 2023
This document seeks to outline a stepwise guide on the tendering procedure and the derogation granting process pursuant to paragraph (2) of article 36 of the (EU) 2019/944 Electricity Directive wherein it is provided under which circumstances are DSOs – otherwise prohibited of doing so – allowed to own, develop, operate or manage electricity storage facilities. For this purpose, the drafting team also gathered information on the national implementation of this article.
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Ref: C23-DS-83-06, 30 May 2023
This CEER report (C23-DS-83-06) provides a comprehensive overview of the alternative connection agreements, as an alternative or as an intermediary measure before grid reinforcements, which allows system operators to procure flexibility to solve local network issues. Recommendations regarding the implementation of such agreements complement the paper.
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Ref: C21-RES-79-03, 23 March 2023
This CEER report presents the current state of play on RES tendering schemes in Europe. It is an update of the 2018 (C18-SD-63-03) and 2020 (C20-RES-67-03) CEER Reports on Tendering Procedures for RES in Europe. It provides a comprehensive overview of the various competitive bidding procedures in place for determining the level of support for RES in CEER Member countries. Assessments of schemes in selected countries complement the report.
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14 February 2023
The ACER-CEER joint response to the European Commission’s consultation comprises their replies to the questions asked by the Commission in its consultation as well as additions to the replies in the Annex (also submitted to the Commission as part of our consultation response). In their response ACER and CEER welcome the European Commission’s attention to long-term markets as the key enabler for investment stability and affordability for consumers.