Building on the success of the joint declaration signed in December 2022, CEER, BEUC, Eurelectric, Eurogas, EER, EU DSO Entity, E.DSO, GEODE and CEDEC, renew their commitment to encourage companies, regulators and consumer organisations to continue implementing concrete support measures to shield consumers from the long-lasting effects of the energy crisis within the European Union at least until March 2024. This joint effort is supported and initiated by the European Commission.  

Ref: C23-CEM-153-01, 6 September 2023
CEER has updated its advice on customer information on sources of electricity (published in 2015). This should enable customers to make a well-informed choice about their energy supply, based on reliable and consistent information they can trust. With these updated recommendations, CEER enables European consumers to have a powerful role in driving the decarbonisation agenda and to become increasingly deliberate in their choices about what kind of energy they consume and which proportion of their needs is sourced from renewable generation.
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Ref: C22-RMR-26-04, 30 August 2023
The 2022 Self-Assessment Status Report is part of the Roadmap to 2025 Well-Functioning Retail Energy Markets. The aim of this annual exercise is to assess the functioning of national energy retail markets in order to drive competition, improve market functioning and promote better and more affordable market offers for electricity and gas consumers.
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