EU4Energy Annual Regional Visibility Campaign 2023

To raise awareness on its programme, EU4Energy has chosen the education of youth as the focus of its visibility campaigns and communication activities. EU4Energy campaigns concentrate on transferring knowledge and experience built by the programme’s experts to younger generations through various activities, channels and materials.

Since 2021, the campaigns have mostly reached out to students – from school to university – through age-relevant comic books on energy efficiency and energy saving and the organisation of an annual educational event, the Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for EaP Universities.

Most of these communication activities are meant to continue until the end of the programme in 2024.

EU4Energy campaign on energy efficiency for children 

Ozzy the Hamster is back for new adventures! This time, the well-known character must try to save his town from an inevitable future catastrophe caused by the irrational use of non-renewable energy sources. Exploring alternative green energy solutions, Ozzy and his friends manage to change their fate by disseminating knowledge and helping the population to change their habits.

In “Glass Globe”, the second series of the comic book featuring Ozzy the Hamster, the focus is on increasing younger generations’ understanding and knowledge about the importance of using clean energy to safeguard our planet. Renewable energy sources such as hydro power, wind and solar energy are explained in an easy and understandable language, as well as the methods through which these sources can be converted into energy. Additionally, a new Do-It-Yourself kit helps young readers acquire better practical knowledge based on the tips from the comic book.

Just like Light Bulb, the first Ozzy comic book series, “Glass Globe” is available in six languages and is being distributed at local schools across the Eastern Partnership countries as extracurricular reading material for school children. Additionally, a social media campaign featuring Ozzy the Hamster will be launched by EU Neighbours East at the same time as EU Green Week targeting and engaging school children via various social media platforms and through school activities.

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