CEER Annual Conference 2023

The CEER Annual Conference offers insightful discussions to move relevant energy issues forward. The energy sector is undergoing a significant transformation, with electricity market design playing a pivotal role. Last year’s conference looked at electricity market design (EMD) before there was even a proposal; legislation has progressed since then. Therefore, this year's CEER conference aims to start by looking at longer-term issues and/or challenges beyond the scope of the EMD reform proposal; are there any topics which remain after the review and proposed amendments?


The second session will discuss and explore the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in leveraging decarbonised and low-carbon gases to achieve a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. As the global focus on sustainability and climate change intensifies, the role of decarbonised and low-carbon gases in the energy transition has become increasingly important, as seen in the Hydrogen and decarbonised gas markets package.


Our speakers, including industry experts, policymakers, researchers and, of course, regulators, will enlighten us on these subjects.



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