This course enables Commissioner-level and senior-level staff of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) to reflect on their NRA’s role and effectiveness with the implementation of the “Emergency measures” to overcome the energy crisis and the role of regulators in the energy transition.

This intensive and exclusive one-day onsite programme provides a unique opportunity for participants (Commissioner-level and senior-level NRA staff) to learn and exchange views on the implementation of the Emergency measures as well as contributing to the targets of climate neutrality as set out in the Green Deal and the “Fit for 55” packages. Based on the CEER 2022 – 2025 Strategy “Empowering consumers for the energy transition”, the changing needs for regulation to contribute to the energy transition by adapting their regulatory tools in times of change will be analysed and looked at. The programme offers a first-hand opportunity to learn from fellow senior regulators, policy-makers and energy actors who are directly involved in energy regulatory policy development and implementation.

This seminar is exclusively designed for Commissioner-level and senior-level NRA staff. Other experts from European Institutions (ACER, European Commission) are also invited to attend.
Level B: Specialised Course
  • Key insights into public policies, regulatory policy and how to implement the new regulatory framework in general.
  • Unique opportunity to exchange views with the key players at the European Commission (Directorate General for Energy), 
  • Lively discussion on various aspects and tools regulators have at their hand to contribute both to the energy transition and support emergency measures to overcome the current energy crisis
  • Useful exchange on the Transitional Regulation and the Assessment of regulatory delivery in energy transition processes
  • To know more about the Regulation of Long-Term Energy Storage from a Sector-Coupling Perspective: Lessons from gas storage
Onsite Sessions on Monday , 28 November 2022 - 10:15-17:00 CET (CEER and DG ENER Offices) 
  • Onsite class format which gives the participants the opportunity to participate in interesting presentations, discussions and exchanges with the trainers and other participants.
  • Access to interesting literature review and reading materials on the topics addressed in the course.
The seminar will count on an exclusive and balanced combination of trainers.

Course Director: Ms Annegret Groebel, BNetzA, CEER President

Course Advisor: Mr Jorge Vasconcelos, Chairman of New Energy Solutions, Member of CEER Training Academy Advisory Board