11. Apr

CEER Customer Conference 2024

  •  11. April 2024 - 11. April 2024
  •  14:00‐ 17:30
  •  European Economic and Social Committee, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1000 Brussels

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From Aspiration to Implementation: Delivering an Energy System Fit For All Consumers

This CEER Customer Conference 2024 will serve as a comprehensive exploration of recently approved legislation packages and their optimal implementation by EU energy stakeholders. The conference will unfold across three essential pillars – consumer protection, consumer empowerment, and decarbonisation – ensuring a comprehensive and consumer-centric approach to the challenges and opportunities presented by the current energy environment.

The three dedicated sessions will comprehensively cover electricity, gas, and heating issues, with a sharp focus on implementing and reinforcing consumer rights. Among others, the exploration will extend to the concept of energy sharing, underlining collaborative approaches that amplify the impact of individual efforts. Together these topics serve as a compass for navigating the multifaceted landscape of consumer-driven innovation and the imperative to decarbonise residential energy consumption.

Discussions will also touch upon the CEER-BEUC 2030 ASPIRE Vision for Energy Consumers that envisions a transformative future where consumers not only comprehend the environmental impacts of their energy usage but are also equipped with the tools to independently evaluate the climate properties of various energy products, actions, or behaviours. This forward-looking vision aligns with a sustainable economy that delivers Affordability, Simplicity, Protection, Inclusiveness, Reliability, and Empowerment for all consumers.


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