This course is designed for junior staff from National Regulatory Authorities. Previous knowledge about European energy regulation is not required.

It is open to staff of National Regulatory Authorities. Participants from European Institutions (ACER, European Commission) are also welcome to attend. Priority is given to CEER members.

The registration fee for CEER Members and Observers:
Module 1 and Module 2: €2,400 (or 5 training credits).
Module 1: €1,440 (or 3 training credits).
Module 2: €960 (or 2 training credits).

The registration fee for other National Regulatory Authorities:
Module 1 and Module 2: €3,000.
Module 1: €1,800.
Module 2: €1,200.

The registration fee covers:
   • Course attendance
   • Visit to a TSO regional operational coordination centre in Brussels 
   • Access to the accompanied online platform during the course
   • Certificate of attendance
   • Coffee breaks & lunches
   • Group dinner (Module 1) 

Cancellation policy:

- Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge.

- No course fee will be applied if written cancellation requests are received at least 2 weeks before the first day of the course. Full course fees will be applied for cancellation requests received after this deadline.


CEER offers two scholarships of 50% fee reduction to two participants from CEER members and observers for attending this course. The scholarships are offered based on the principle of helping those facing budget constraints to reduce the costs of sending their staff to CEER training courses. 

The eligible NRAs for CEER Training Scholarships are those from countries whose GDP per capita falls below the 90% threshold of the EU-28's GDP per capita (according to the Eurostat official data:

Participants from the qualified NRAs are invited to apply for the two CEER Training Scholarships for this course by indicating this in the online registration form in the tab "Registration". When the registration is closed, the two selected participants will be notified whether they get the scholarships. If more than two individuals apply for the scholarships, only two participants from the qualifed NRAs with the lowest percentage from the Eurostat figures are chosen. An eligible NRA can benefit from maximum 2 scholarships per year.