There are significant changes happening at distribution level in both gas and electricity in Europe such that the traditionally passive role of the DSO is increasingly no longer the case. The Clean Energy Package proposes new roles for DSOs. DSOs are also looking to enter into new activity areas and regulators will need to understand those areas and consider where regulation might be necessary. Regulators have a role in ensuring that DSO-TSO cooperation evolves in a beneficial way for energy markets and ultimately for consumers. Governance of how DSOs and TSOs interact and engage in network planning, as well as arrangements to facilitate effective coordination for system operation, including for flexibility, are the key regulatory concerns in this area.

Designed for: 

Level A: Overview Course

Experts from National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) who want to improve their knowledge and exchange experiences on the regulation of DSOs in the new environment and governance of DSO-TSO cooperation. Other experts from European Institutions (ACER, European Commission) are also invited to attend. 

Programme overview:

  • This CEER tailor-made 1-day course will address the emerging and changing roles of DSOs, their potential new activities and how regulators deal with these changes to ensure market-based solutions and optimal and future-proof regulatory framework for DSOs.

  • It will give an overview of the DSO's roles in the Clean Energy package.

  • It will include how the cooperation between DSOs and TSOs has evolved and will evolve and the regulator's role in ensuring the proper governance framework and arrangement to facilitate effective coordination for network planning and system operation, including enabling flexibility.

  • Practical experience on DSO-TSO cooperation in the gas sector and how to ensure the proper governance, balance between European vs. national regulation, local specificities and a whole-system approach will be presented and discussed.

Course Advisor: Prof. Tomás Gómez, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Member of CEER Training Academy Advisory Board

Draft Programme CEER Training on the Growing Role of DSOs and DSO-TSO Cooperation 2019