Notice of Bereavement

It is with great sadness that CEER announces the sudden passing of Mrs Maria Cristina Portugal, President of the ERSE (Portugal) Board of Directors and member of the CEER General Assembly, during the early hours of 8 September 2021.

Mrs Portugal chaired the ERSE Board of Directors from May 2017, having previously served as a member of the ERSE Board, and as President of ERSE’s Tariffs Council for 15 years. She also served as one of two members of the CEER General Assembly from ERSE for some years.

CEER offers its sincerest condolences to her family and to all of our colleagues in ERSE. Her contribution to CEER and the European energy sector will be greatly missed.


General Assembly

All CEER Members have a representative in the General Assembly. Among its most important powers the General Assembly has the power to:

  • take any decision;
  • approve position papers and official documents;
  • admit and exclude Members;
  • establish the internal rules of the association;
  • amend the statutes; and
  • take any decision reserved to the General Assembly by law or the statutes of the association.

The General Assembly meets circa 9 times per year.



Wolfgang Urbantschitsch
E-Control, Austria

Koen Locquet
CREG, Belgium

Ivan N. Ivanov
EWRC, Bulgaria

Željko Vrban
HERA, Croatia

Andreas Poullikkas
CERA, Cyprus

Stanislav Trávníček
ERU, Czech Republic

Carsten Smidt
DUR, Denmark

Märt Ots
Konkurentisamet, Estonia

Simo Nurmi
EV, Finland

Jean-François Carenco
CRE, France

Annegret Groebel
BNetzA, Germany

Athanasios Dagoumas
RAE, Greece

Pál Ságvári
MEKH, Hungary

Halla Hrund Logadóttir
Orkustofnun, Iceland

Jim Gannon
CRU, Ireland

Clara Poletti
ARERA, Italy

Rota Šņuka
PUC, Latvia

Renatas Pocius
VERT, Lithuania

Camille Hierzig
ILR, Luxembourg

Marjohn Abela
REWS, Malta

Remko Bos
ACM, Netherlands

Tore Langset
NVE-RME, Norway

Rafał Gawin
URE, Poland

Pedro Verdelho
ERSE, Portugal

Dumitru Chirițā
ANRE, Romania

Andrej Juris
URSO, Slovakia

Duška Godina
AGEN, Slovenia

Josep María Salas
CNMC, Spain

Anne Vadasz Nilsson
EI, Sweden

Cathryn Scott
Ofgem, United Kingdom

Honorary Members


Sir Callum McCarthy

Pippo Ranci

Jean Syrota

Jorge Vasconcelos

Asta Sihvonen-Punkka

Lord Mogg