Dear representatives of TSOs in Europe,
dear colleagues of National Regulatory Authorities,
dear members of the ERGEG Gas Market Monitoring Task Force,
dear observers and colleagues,

Following a request expressed by the European Commission (EC) at the last Madrid Forum in November 2008, ERGEG is continuing its monitoring activities with regard to the implementation of specific aspects of Regulation 1775/2005/EC. The European Commission specified this request in the December 2009 when asking ERGEG to monitor applied Capacity Allocation Measures (CAM) and Congestion Management Procedures (CMP) in 2010 (GWG-9). This is deliverable has subsequently been included in ERGEG’s work programme for 2010 and ERGEG’s . Gas Market Monitoring Task Force (GMM TF) has been asked to carry the task out.

I am therefore writing to you today to announce the launch of the next round of monitoring. This forthcoming monitoring exercise will encompass the monitoring of a number of parameters with respect to selected interconnection points only:

  • The booking situation (available, booked, firm, interruptible) for one past year (2008 or 2009) and the next three years. Number of rejected capacity appliances, Number of users holding capacity and their proportional shares (being the names confidential).
  • Actual flows during at least one winter month and one summer month;
  • The allocation mechanism for primary capacity, including possible reservation for short-term capacity products;
  • The congestion management mechanisms applied;
  • Existence and role of a secondary market; (Figures and management of the secondary market)
  • Existence and application of UIOLI;
  • Existence and application of day-ahead interruptible capacity;
  • Nomination procedure, in particular gate-closure and whether all shippers are obliged to nominate;
  • And related aspects that might be of relevance

This is hence a purely fact finding mission. In my capacity as chair of this task force, I am writing to you to inform you that the monitoring will commence inform you that the monitoring will commence on

14 June 2010 (duration: 6 weeks)

Your response by the end of that deadline is therefore appreciated. The results will be used to provide the EC with an update at the next Madrid Forum which will be held in autumn 2010 and form the basis of a report from ERGEG to the EU Commission with recommendations on what the situation reg. CAM/CMP is in practice.

Login to the ERGEG Web page
log onto the ERGEG web page, colleagues from TSOs and NRAs should use the login and password used for entering data into the national reports tables (Login: Country name, Password: Assigned password/changed password). Please do not hesitate to contact me preferably by E-Mail ( should there be any questions. You can always retrieve your password using the ‘lost-password-function’ on the top of the ERGEG web page. Your password will then be sent to you directly.

I would like to thank you for cooperation.

Dan A. Rieser
and E-Control GmbH, Competition and Regulation

Instructions of Use
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Data submission

EREG GMM TF will access quantitative data from the ENTSOG transparency web page ("Transparency Platform") web page

In cases where data on the quantitive aspects of the IPS are not available online (eg historic data) or where more recent data are available, TSOs are requested to complete the attached form (template) for each IP (differentiating between flow directions and access sides where necessary) and hence copying the template if necessary within the same excel file for each IP.

Your help in this matter is highly appreciated.

Quantitative data survey
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