E08-PC-26: Call for Evidence - Financial Services

ERGEG Public Consultation 2008/02/18 - 2008/03/18


On 18 February 2008, ERGEG and CESR launched a Call for Evidence on record keeping, transparency of transaction, supply contracts and derivative issues in the electricity and gas sectors. The Call for Evidence seeks stakeholder views on different questions posed by the European Commission‘s Mandate requesting joint CESR/ERGEG advice in the context of the Third Energy Package.

Stakeholders should be aware that the Commission’s questions, included in the Annex, are addressed to CESR/ERGEG. As such, not all the questions will be applicable to all stakeholders. When responding to this call for evidence, stakeholders should use their discretion to select those issues on which they are best placed to comment. In particular, we would refer respondents to the questions raised in section E of the annex.

Responses should be received by 18 March 2008 and should be submitted via e-mail to ERGEG (mail to fis@ergeg.org) and online via CESR’s website under the heading Consultations at www.cesr.eu.

Non confidential contributions will be published on the CESR and ERGEG websites. Respondents to this Call for Evidence should, however, endeavour to provide any confidential material in annexes that can be separated from publishable non-confidential material.

Consultation Documents

Responses to the fact-finding questions of the mandate C.1 - C.3 and E.12 - E.17, July 2008
CESR and ERGEG advice to the Commission in the context of the Third Energy Package

Public Responses

Commodity Derivatives Working Group (CDWG)

EEX Transparency Brochure



Eurelectric Transparency Report

Eurelectric - Sample of Ibernian Trading Information

European Electricity Exchange (EEX)

European Energy Exchange (EEX) response to call for evidence



Saxonian Supervisory Authority

CESR-ERGEG-Konsultation_Record keeping etc._ Ref.08-140_BDEW_Position_Paper, 30.3.08.pdf
BDEW - German Energy and Water Association