C13-PC-73: CEER consultation on "green" electricity



CEER consultation on "green" electricity

The purpose of this public consultation is to elaborate approaches and present draft recommendations on how to make disclosure of how electricity has been produced (often called its ‘origin’) more transparent, resistant to fraud, reliable and consistent.

This would enable customers to make a well-considered choice concerning their electricity, based on reliable and consistent information they can trust. Such a disclosure system enhances competition in the energy market by providing more reliable choice which is why electricity disclosure and its main instrument – the Guarantee of Origin (GO) – is essential to creating a voluntary, consumer-driven market for renewables.

The draft recommendations aim to empower electricity customers by providing them with adequate, reliable and consistent information and by developing a reliable, trustworthy and transparent disclosure system and pushing forward the integration of the European electricity market.

This advice is considered timely given the current developments in the renewable sector and the growing interest of customers in electricity generated from renewable sources.

Stakeholders are invited to participate in the public consultation via the dedicated online questionnaire in this section of the CEER website.

CEER invites all interested stakeholders to provide comments on all aspects of the public consultation document and in particular on the specific questions set out in the consultation document and in the dedicated online questionnaire.

Any responses should be submitted by Friday, 7 February 2014 through the dedicated online questionnaire.

Following the consultation, CEER will publish all non-confidential responses received. Respondents requesting confidentiality should submit those confidential aspects of their response by marking them as "confidential" in the dedicated online questionnaire.

Any questions on the consultation document and the online consultation should in the first instance be directed to:

CEER Secretariat
Tel. + 32 (0) 2788 73 30
Email: brussels@ceer.eu

Consultation Documents

Draft advice on "green" electricity
Public consultation document

This document is intended for information only. Please ensure to use the dedicated online questionnaire to provide us with your response.

Online questionnaire instructions

CEER's Public Consultation Guidelines

CEER Advice on Customer Infomation Regarding the Sources of Electricity
Ref. C14-CEM-70-08, March 2015

Evaluation of responses
Ref. C14-CEM-70-08a, March 2015