C14-PC-76: CEER consultation on data management for better retail market funcitoning



CEER consultation on data management for better retail market functioning

This CEER public consultation document (C13-RMF-57-04) sets out draft advice on how customer meter data management should be developed at present as well as in the future, with and without smart metering and smart grids.

CEER believes that efficient and safe data exchange between stakeholders  is vital for retail market functioning and customer protection.

CEER suggests that one way of setting requirements for data management is to determine a set of guiding principles which would be applicable regardless of the specific form of the data management model. For these guiding principles, we present a total 14 draft recommendations.

This draft advice has been developed with a strong focus on the customer perspective reflecting CEER’s 2020 Vision for Europe’s energy customers and taking into consideration relevant previous work done by CEER in this area.  

CEER invites all interested stakeholders to respond to this public consultation through the dedicated online questionnaire. The deadline for responses is 23 May 2014. CEER welcomes responses identifying any issues considered relevant. In particular, stakeholders are invited to reply to and provide comments on the list of questions set out in Chapters 8 and 10 of this paper.

Following the consultation, CEER will publish all non-confidential responses received. Respondents requesting confidentiality should submit those confidential aspects of their response by marking them as "confidential" in the dedicated online questionnaire.

Any questions on the consultation document and the online consultation should in the first instance be directed to:

Ms Natalie McCoy
CEER Secretary General
Tel. + 32 (0) 2788 73 30
Email: brussels@ceer.eu

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CEER Draft Advice on Data Management for Better Retail Market Functioning
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CEER Advice on Customer Data Management for Better Retail Market Functioning
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