C11-PC-67: Implications of Non-harmonised Renewable Support Schemes

2011/11/09 - 2012/01/06


Implications of Non-harmonised Renewable Support Schemes

This CEER public consultation document (C11-SDE-25-04) examines the Implications of Non-harmonised Renewable Support Schemes. It addresses the existing differences between national support schemes in Europe and other areas of non-harmonisation in electricity markets. The paper consults on the impact these differences may have on investment decisions and on the functioning of national and European wholesale electricity markets.

Following the consultation, CEER will elaborate a conclusions document incorporating stakeholders' responses. This conclusions paper will feed into regulators' further work  in this area and, at a later stage, the European Commission’s progress report required by the Renewables Directive, due by 31 December 2014.

Stakeholders are invited to participate in the public consultation via a dedicated online questionnaire in this section of the CEER website.  

CEER invites all interested stakeholders to provide comments on all aspects of the public consultation document and in particular on the 4 specific questions set out in the consultation document and in the dedicated online questionnaire.

Any comments should be submitted by 6 January 2012 through the dedicated online questionnaire. Please note that the login request to fill in the questionnaire must be made by 3 January 2012.

Following the consultation, CEER will publish all non-confidential responses received. Respondents requesting confidentiality should submit those confidential aspects of their response by marking them as "confidential" in the dedicated online questionnaire.

Any questions on the consultation document and the online consultation should in the first instance be directed to:

Ms Natalie McCoy
CEER Secretary General
Tel. + 32 (0) 2788 73 30
Email: natalie.mccoy@ceer.eu 

Consultation Documents

Implications of Non-harmonised Renewable Support Schemes. A CEER Public Consultation Document

Case Studies - Annex 3 to the CEER public consultation document on Implications of Non-harmonised Renewable Support Schemes

Ref: 12-SDE-25-04b
CEER Conclusions Paper on the Implications of Non-harmonised Renewable Support Schemes, 18 June 2012

Public Responses


PC-00-ACIEE-S: Asociación de Comercializadores Independientes de Energía (ACIE) 
PC-00-BDEWG-B: BDEW - German Association of Energy and Water Industries 
PC-00-BEEEV-U: Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energie e.V. (BEE), (German Renewable Energy Federation) 
PC-00-CEDEC-U: European Federation of Local Energy Companies (CEDEC) 
PC-00-CEZAS-U: CEZ a.s. 
PC-00-CZEPH-M: Czech Photovoltaic Industry Association (CZEPHO)
PC-00-EDFEN-T: EDF Energy 
PC-00-EDISO-9: Edison SpA 
PC-00-EGECO-M: European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) 
PC-00-EUREL-8: Eurelectric
PC-00-EURPX-N: Association of European Energy Exchanges- EuroPEX 
PC-00-EWEA1-U: European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)
PC-00-FORTC-5: Fortum 
PC-00-FORTU-5: Fortum Power and Heat
PC-00-FRAUN-X: Fraunhofer-Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI 
PC-00-IFIEC-5: IFIEC Europe 
PC-00-JUVID-2: juwi Holding AG 
PC-00-OESTE-T: Österreichs Energie 
PC-00-PAIKA-A: Paikallisvoima ry (Local Power Association, Finland) 
PC-00-RECSI-Y: RESC Internationl
PC-00-SVENS-2: Nordenergi 
PC-00-SVSEA-9: SVSE - Czech Association of Large consumers 
PC-00-SWMDE-N: SWM - Stadwerke München
PC-00-TUWIE-8: Vienna University of Technology, Energy Economics Group (TU WIEN / EEG) 
PC-00-VATAB-U: Vattenfall AB 
PC-00-VERBA-H: Verband kommunaler Unternehmen (VKU) 
PC-00-WACKE-K: Wacker Chemie AG 
PC-00-WINDE-T: Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V.  (BWE)