7th EU-US Energy Regulators Roundtable
New Orleans, 14-16 November 2008



List of participants

Recent Regulatory Developments at FERC
Mr Marc Spitzer, FERC

Recent Regulatory Developments
Mr Jose Braz, ERSE

Recent Regulatory Developments in the US: State and Regional Issues
Mr Frederick Butler, NARUC

Challenges Creating Market Conditions (National and Regional)
Mr Gábor Szörényi, ERRA

Market Monitoring, Oversight and Abuse
Mr Stephen Smith, Ofgem

Market Monitoring, Oversight and Abuse: EU Experience
Mr Rafael Gómez-Elvira González, CNE

Role of a Market Monitor in Multi-State Wholesale Electricity Markets
Mr Mark C. Christie, Virginia Corporation Commission

Market Monitoring, Oversight, Abuse
Mrs Susan J. Court, FERC

Regulating Financial Energy Markets
Mr Joseph T. Kelliher, FERC

The Impact of Credit Market Turbulence on Utility Operations and Financing
Mr Charles E. Box, Illinois Commerce Commission

CESR/ERGEG advice to DG TREN and DG MARKT in the context of the Third Energy Package
Mr. Johannes Kindler, BNetzA

U.S. Climate Policy & Utility Regulation
Mr Richard E. Morgan, Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia

Climate Change Impact on Energy Regulation and Infrastructure: Swedish and European Experiences
Mrs Yvonne Fredriksson, Energy Markets Inspectorate (EMI)

Climate Change Policy Challenges Confronting US Electricity Markets
Mr Shelton Cannon, FERC

The increasing role of LNG in Europe
Mr Eric Dyevre, CRE

Meeting Natural Gas Demand: Demand Response, A New England Perspective
Mr W. Robert Keating, Massachusetts

Meeting Natural Gas Demand
Mr Mark Robinson, FERC