The International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER) is a voluntary framework for cooperation between energy regulators from around the globe.

Its aim is to improve public and policy-maker awareness and understanding of energy regulation and its role in addressing a wide spectrum of socio-economic, environmental and market issues.

Through ICER, energy regulatory issues can transcend regional and national boundaries and be addressed through dialogue and cooperation on a global scale. Its membership includes over 200 regulatory authorities and spans six continents.

The current chair of ICER is Mr Dave Morton (Canada) was elected at WFER VIII in Lima. The ICER has three vice chairs, Ms Annegret Groebel, Mr David Danner and Ms Maia Melikidze
. Mr Francisco Salazar is the ICER coordinator.

On 15 October 2013, ICER launched Women in Energy – The ICER International Network. Through ICER’s Women in Energy initiative, energy regulators aim to help the career advancement of women in energy.  For videos, infographic and more see the ICER Women in Energy tab.

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