CEER-IEA Workshop


On 28 April 2016 a joint CEER-IEA workshop was held in Paris to discuss cross-border electricity security of supply issues. The workshop brought together experts and practitioners to review regional experiences of electricity security of supply. The workshop included a discussion of assessment tools and the impacts of different market and network approaches on security of supply, taking account of changes such as more renewable generation. Examples from Europe, the United States, Australia and SE Asia were provided. The results of the workshop will feed into the IEA’s “Electricity Security Across Borders” publication and its work on electricity security more broadly.

The workshop in 2016 was one of already several jointly organised workshops. It is planned to continue such fruitful CEER-IEA cooperation in the future.

Workshop Documents


Session 1: Electricity Security Across Borders: assessment tools

Moderator: Manuel Baritaud, Senior Electricity Analyst, IEA

The draft Regional Electricity Security Assessment Framework
Matthew Wittenstein, IEA

Cross-border electricity security: the role of FERC
Michael Bardee, U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Electricity assessment in Europe, ENTSO-E
Daniel Huertas Hernando, ENTSO-E

Session 2: Examples from Europe

Moderator: Claude Turmes, MEP, European Parliament

Electricity security and the Nordpool Market
Sergey Ilyukhin, Fortum

Towards a new EU legal framework on risk preparedness in the electricity sector
Amaryllis Verhoeven, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission

Session 3: Examples from North America

Moderator: Fulvio Fontini, Autorita per l'Energia Elettrica il Gas

Regional transmission planning: the Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative
Craig Glazer, PJM Interconnection

Cross-border electricity security - the view from MISO
Ellen Nowak, Wisconsin PSC

Cross-border electricity security - the view from ISO-NE
John W. Betkoski, Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

Session 4: Examples from other regions

Moderator: Matthew Wittenstein, Electricity Analyst, IEA

Market mechanisms for security in the Australian National Electricity Market

Interconnections in Southeast Asia: Implications for Singapore and the region
Eugene Toh, Energy Market Authority of Singapore