CEER 2015 Annual Conference

29 January 2015, Brussels


The central theme of the 2015 Annual Conference was unlocking energy market flexibility and demand-side response.

The move to a low carbon society increases the need for all sorts of flexibility from grid infrastructure to dispatchable generation, from balancing to wholesale electricity arrangements, and from gas market flexibility to demand-side response.

This CEER event looked at the challenges and some of the practical issues of delivering flexibility at wholesale and network level as well as innovative approaches to unlock consumers’ contribution to flexibility.

There were three distinct sessions, each beginning with a short case study followed by a panel discussion.

The first session focused on maximising the value of flexibility, the second on unlocking flexibility at the consumer level, and the third on flexibility at the wholesale and network levels.


CEER 2015 Annual Conference - programme

List of participants


The Role of the Engaged Consumer in in Europe’s Energy Trilemma
Presentation by Mr Simon Hill, OPower

Unlocking energy market flexibility and demand side response
Presentation by Mr Olivier Baud, Energy Pool

Does flexibility have a value today and is it correctly priced at its value?
Presentation by Mr Manuel Baritaud, IEA


Session 2

Session 3

Mr Jerzy Buzek, Member of Parliament

Mr Klaus-Dieter Borchardt (EC), Mrs Monique Goyens (BEUC), Mr Jerzy Buzek (MEP)

Session 1: Mr Walter Boltz, Mr Simon Hill