CEER Public Hearing on the Future Role of the DSO
30 March 2015, CEER - Cours Saint Michel 30a, 1040 Brussels


CEER's Public Hearing on “the Future Role of the DSO" took place at the CEER offices, in Brussels (Cours Saint Michel 30a, 1040 Brussels) on 30 March 2015.

This event complemented CEER's consultation on “The Future Role of the DSO”. The paper covers three areas: the role of the DSO and need for regulatory oversight, DSO-TSO relationship and responsibilities and economic signals for DSOs and customers.

During the Public Hearing, CEER presented the initial results of the public consultation and seeked further input from stakeholders.  

The event was organised into a morning session with three parallel break-out sessions and two panel discussions in the afternoon.

Public Hearing Documents

Public Hearing Agenda

Breakout Session 2: Economic signals for DSOs and customers
Mr Andy Burgess, CEER

Report from Breakout Session 2: Economic signals for DSOs and Customers
Mr Edwin Edelenboos, CEER

From Distribution networks to smart distribution systems
Mr Jan Pedersen, GEODE

DSOs and Demand Response
MR Pierre Bivas, Cathode

What will domestic consumers actually want from DSOs
Mr Conrad Steel, Citizens Advice

Smart appliances develoment for improved system operation and households empowerment
Mr Marco Signa, CECED