CEER Customer Conference: Retail Energy Markets - A "New Deal" for Consumers

20 October 2015, Centre Albert Borschette, Rue Froissart 36, Brussels 


This event, our fourth annual customer conference, was part of our continued customer-focused activities within CEER. A main target audience was national consumer bodies.

This year’s Customer Conference was centred around the European Commission’s recently published Retail Market Communication and our own CEER paper on well-functioning retail energy markets

One breakout was dedicated to strengthening the relationship between regulators and consumer bodies. Another facilitated efforts to improve the comparability of offers. Session 3 focused on competition and the consumers while the fourth and final session addressed the important issue of innovation – an issue which is very much linked to our ongoing work on distribution system operators.


Consumer Behaviour Lessons from the USA
Hank Courtright

What should a well-functioning retail energy market look like?
Patricia de Suzzoni

How will distribution networks have to adapt to facilitate well-functioning retail energy markets?
Garrett Blaney

A well functioning retail market
Heidi Ranscombe

Delivering a new deal for energy consumers
Jan Panek

Final programme