Voltage Quality Monitoring Workshop

Brussels, 2009-11-18

Workshop Documents

Workshop Agenda

Welcome Presentation by Asta Sihvonen-Punkka

Presentation by Math Bollen
Keynote: Voltage Quality Monitoring -Introduction to the main aspects

Presentation by Karstein Brekke
CEER 4th Benchmarking Report on EQS

Presentation by Kevin Niall

Presentation by Ferruccio Villa and Michele de Nigris
Experience with VQM in Italy

Presentation by Hege Sveaas Fadum
Experience with VQM in Norway

Presentation by Nuno Melo
Experience with VQM in Portugal

Presentation by Tibor Tersztyanszky
Experience with VQM in Hungary

Presentation by Audrey Scoffoni and Jacques Gauthier
Experience with VQM in France

Presentation by Bengt-Arne Wallden
Impact of Voltage Disturbances and the Need of Voltage Quality Monitoring

Presentation by Harald Huwel
Impact of Voltage Disturbances and the Need of Voltage Quality Monitoring

Presenation by Jose Gutierrez Iglesias
Economic Framework for Voltage Quality – Views of CIGRÉ/CIRED JWG C4.107

Presentation by Math Bollen
Voltage Dip Immunity of Equipment used in Installations – Views of CIGRÉ/CIRED/UIE JWG C4.110

Presentation by Herwig Renner
Review of Flicker Objectives – Views of CIGRÉ/CIRED JWG C4.108

Presentation by Selge Seljeseth
Remedial Actions

Presentation by Jorge Esteves
Concluding remarks: from the CEER Point of View

Presentation by Mihai Paun
Concluding remarks: from the Eurelectric Point of View

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