CEER workshop on barriers for gas storage product development

17 February 2017 (10:00 - 13:00)
CEER, Cours Saint Michel 30a, Brussels 1040



In 2015, CEER published its vision on Regulatory Arrangements for the Gas Storage Market and the report Monitoring Implementation of the Gas Storage Guidelines of Good Practice and of the GSE Transparency Template. In both documents, CEER emphasised the importance of European Storage System Operators (SSOs) being able to innovate and develop new products to meet the requirements of market participants. In the vision document CEER also highlighted the importance of regulatory and policy frameworks that facilitate innovation, where appropriate, not stifle it. These points were reiterated by the European Commission in their 2016 LNG and storage strategy.

However, CEER did not have a strong evidence base showing where problems exist in relation to innovation and product development. Given that storage competes in the wider flexibility market with other sources of flexibility, such as LNG and interconnectors, addressing potential barriers to product development is an important step towards ensuring that storage can compete on a level playing field in the flexibility market.

In 2015, the CEER Gas Storage Task Force (GST TF) therefore launched a project to fill the evidence gap and provide recommendations for further work in this area, where necessary. To acquire the necessary information, a questionnaire was developed and sent to SSOs. Based upon the responses received and wider stakeholder engagement, the GST TF drafted the document CEER report on barriers for storage product innovation. In this report, we review the types of products that are available from SSOs in different European storage markets. We then build on this information to analyse potential barriers to the development of different products, including regulatory barriers, issues related to market development, and the role of SSOs.

Objective of the workshop

The GST TF held this workshop to present the preliminary findings to market participants and also to gather additional information from SSOs and other market participants, in particular storage users.

Workshop Documents

Final Agenda

Draft CEER report on barriers for gas storage product development

CEER presentation

Session 1-EFET-CEER Storage

Session 1-Eurogas-M. Loudon

Session 2 GSE presentation