CEER Workshop on the Role of LNG to Improve Regional Security of Supply in Europe
17 March 2015, (11:15 -17:15) - Madrid, Spain (CNMC premises, C/ Alcalá 47 – 28014)


The Council of the European Energy Regulators (CEER) organised a workshop on the role of LNG to improve regional Security of Supply in Europe.

The workshop took place on Tuesday, 17 March 2015 in Madrid at the CNMC premises (C/ Alcalá 47 – 28014, Madrid). The map of the location of the venue can be found here.

The objective of the workshop was to gather stakeholders' views on the contribution of LNG as a key resource for European energy security of supply.

This workshop aimed at opening the discussion, to analyse information from the LNG industry, to assess the status of European LNG and the challenges towards improving regional and European Security of Supply. Stakeholders' views, proposals and measures gathered at the workshop will be incorporated into the CEER deliverable "Role of LNG to improve regional Security of Supply” to be drafted in 2015.

Documents of the workshop including the agenda and presentations can be found below.

Agenda of the workshop

CEER presentation on LNG markets and Security of Supply

IEA presentation on Global LNG market trend and European position

European Commission presentation on Consultation on the SoS Regulation

Sener presentation on State of technology applied to natural gas

GLE presentation on Operational aspects of LNG terminals in SoS

Fluxys presentation on New services offered in LNG terminals

GIE presnetation on Stress tests: The role of LNG to improve regional SoS in Europe

Total presentation on Demand and supply balance

IFIEC presentation on how gas demand side flexibility could help European Security of Supply

ENAGAS presentation on Market-based vs. interventionist

CEER presentation on LNG role on SoS in the SEE

CEER presentation on the Regulatory framework