Project Coordination Group (PCG)

Project Coordination Group (PCG)

The 15th Florence Forum, held 24-25 November 2008, invited ERGEG to establish a Project Coordination Group of experts, with participants from EC, Regulators, ETSO, Europex, Eurelectric and EFET, involving Member States' representatives as appropriate, with the tasks of developing a practical and achievable model to harmonise interregional and then EU-wide coordinated congestion management, and of proposing a roadmap with concrete measures and a detailed timeframe, taking into account progress achieved in the ERGEG ERI.

This Project Coordination Group (PCG) is chaired by the European Energy Regulators and has been meeting regularly to develop an EU-wide target model for the integration of the regional electricity markets. The target model covers forward, day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets as well as capacity calculation and governance issues.

For the purpose of stakeholder interest and increasing transparency, this section provides the agenda and minutes of the PCG's meetings, starting from July 2009.

Final work of the PCG - Presentation and proposals to the XVIIth Florence Forum in December 2009

The PCG has contributed to a wide understanding of the issues of capacity allocation and congestion management and provided  propositions widely agreed upon amongst stakeholders on solutions in a target model. ERGEG will to continue to work on these issues through the preparation of a draft framework guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management. The PCG's target model proposals will feed into the process for the draft framework guideline. In addition, at the December 2009 Florence Forum, ERGEG established an ad hoc advisory group of stakeholders (AHAG) which will also inform the work on the framework guideline.

PCG Proposal for a Target Model and Roadmap for Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management

PCG Presentation to the Florence Forum on the Target Model

Initial feedback on PCG target model

All stakeholders, in particular from the ERGEG Regional Initiatives, are invited to provide initial feedback on the PCG (project coordination group) target model and roadmap propositions by 23 October 2009. To do so, please contact the lead regulator for your Region. The 6 documents below, presented as slides, outline the proposals for each timeframe.

PCG WS Forward market

PCG WS Day Ahead Markets

PCG WS Intraday Markets

PCG WS Balancing

PCG WS Capacity Calculation

PCG WS Governance

PCG Initial Request_List of Abbreviations

July 8, 2009 PCG Meeting - Agenda

July 8_SAFE_TABLE_COMMA_CHARACTER_ 2009 PCG meeting - Minutes

October 7, 2009 PCG meeting - Agenda

October 7, 2009 PCG meeting - Minutes

November 2, 2009 PCG Meeting - Agenda

November 2, 2009 PCG meeting - Minutes

November 30, 2010 PCG Meeting - Agenda

November 30, 2010 PCG Meeting - Minutes