20th European Gas Regulatory Forum

26-27 September 2011



Gas transit contracts: status review
by Mrs Cs. Bartok

ACER opinion on ENTSOG’s 2011 Ten-Year Network Development Plan
by Mr B. Esnault

Regional Initiatives: ACER perspectives
by Mr S. Gordon

GRI NW European Energy Work Plan 2011 – 2014
by Mr R. Spencer

South Gas Regional Initiative Work Plan 2011-2014
by Mr R. Yunta

South South East Gas Regional Initiative Work Plan 2011-2014
by Mr F. Cariello

Harmonised transmission tariff structures Framework Guideline
by Mr M. Krug

Scoping the Framework Guidelineson Interoperability: Rules for European Gas Transmission
by Mr G. Van Hauwermeiren

Accessing European LNG terminals
by Mrs R. Prieto

Amendment of GPPSSO for CAM and CMP
by Mrs R. Prieto

Framework Guideline on gas capacity allocation
by Mrs S. Neveling

CMP: Impact assessment and draft Commission proposal
by Mr K. Kovács

Framework Guideline on gas balancing
by Mr M. Crouch

Gas Target Model: State of play
by Mr W. Boltz