21st European Gas Regulatory Forum

22-23 March 2012



Transit contracts
by Mr S. Gordon

Transparency monitoring
by Mr S. Gordon

ACER Progress in the Implementation of REMIT
by Mr A. Pototschnig

Gas Target Model
by Mr W. Boltz

Gas Target Model Follow up - CEER Work on Incremental Capacity
by Mrs S. Neveling and Mr B. Esnault

Gas Regional Initiative Getting to 2014
by Mr A. Pototschnig

GRI North West - Update on progress
by Mr R. Spencer

GRI South - Progress and Outlook
by Mr R. Yunta

GRI SSE - Progress and Outlook
by Mr W. Boltz

Evaluation of the Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms
by Mr A. Pototschnig and Mr S. Gordon

Gas Balancing Network Code
by Mrs P. Taylor

Framework Guidelines on Interoperability Rules for European Gas Transmission Networks
by Mr G. Van Hauwermeiren

Framework Guideline Harmonisation of transmission tariff structures - Status of work
by Mr T. Maes