Through CEER, Europe’s energy regulators aim to promote well-functioning and competitive EU energy markets so that consumers get fair prices, the widest choice of supplier, the highest quality of supply and are given simple, transparent information about their energy consumption.

Our work on consumer issues ranges from providing guidance and developing advice on best practices to sharing experiences and conducting market monitoring (at both national and EU level) to ensure that Europe’s energy markets are delivering benefits to consumers.

We have launched an initiative to deliver results in line with four key principles outlined in a Joint Statement with BEUC, the EU Consumers Association, on a  2020 Vision for Europe’s Energy Customers. The Vision has been supported by 17 major energy associations (as listed in the annex to the statement) and also features as an annex to the European Commission's 2012 Citizens' Energy (London) Forum. The Forum further invited all market actors and stakeholders to demonstrate their commitment to improving the EU's retail energy markets through concrete actions towards stronger consumer protection and empowerment, in line with the presented 2020 Vision for Europe's Energy Customers.

For its part, CEER has developed a rolling 3-year CEER Action Plan to help realise the vision.

If your organisation has an interest in energy and customer rights and would like formally to support the CEER-BEUC Customer Vision,  please contact us at brussels@ceer.eu for further information.

The 2020 Vision is also available in the following languages: CZ, DE, ES, FR, HU, NL, SE

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