Mini Training on EU Institutions and EU Legislative Procedures

About the Course

Level A: Overview course

This CEER online course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the European Institutions’ powers and the decision-making procedures within the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament. 
When a legislative action is considered needed at the European level, the initiative will indeed pass through a number of stages before it officially becomes an EU law.  
The course aims at providing an overview of the EU Policy Cycle; describing the role of all the Institutions involved and analysing the ordinary legislative procedure, the special one as well as the procedures establishing secondary legislation. 
The final session will be dedicated to how National Stakeholders fit into the policy process and can prepare to participate effectively in EU meetings. In particular, participants will be able to discuss the role of the Council of the European Energy Regulator (CEER) in the EU decision-making process and how advocacy strategies can be built and implemented. 
This course is open to all staff of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), who would like to better understand the role and power of EU Institutions and how they interact among themselves and national stakeholders to make legislative actions become EU Law.  


Course Schedule

 Tuesday 6 December 2022 – 10.00-15:00 (CET)


Course Director

Nadia Horstmann, BNetzA