List of Publications
14-Jan-2021 C20-WPDC-35-04 CEER Work Programme 2021 Work Programmes
21-Dec-2020 C20-GI-63-03 Status Review Report on Regulatory Frameworks for Innovation and Security of Supply in Gas Transmission Infrastructure Gas
16-Dec-2020 PR 20-06 PR 20-06: Regulators welcome the Commission’s Trans-European Networks for Energy (TEN-E) proposals but see scope for further improvement for energy network development Press Releases
17-Nov-2020 C20-RES-67-03 2nd CEER Report on Tendering Procedures for RES in Europe Electricity
16-Nov-2020 PR 20-05 CEER welcomes the New Consumer Agenda and stands ready to engage in a wide-ranging dialogue on its priorities and actions to promote consumer protection in the years ahead Press Releases
12-Nov-2020 C20-RMR-11-04-01 Self-Assessment Status Report 2019 for the Roadmap to 2025 Well-Functioning Retail Energy Markets Customers
28-Oct-2020 PR 20-04 PR 20-04: Whilst gas wholesale markets for the most part function efficiently, challenges remain for both electricity and retail energy markets across Europe Press Releases
27-Oct-2020 C20-INF-74-03 CEER Status Review Report on Regulatory Frameworks for Innovation in Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Electricity
26-Oct-2020 -- ACER/CEER Energy Retail and Consumer Protection Volume National reports
21-Oct-2020 -- ACER/CEER Electricity Wholesale Markets Volume National reports
14-Oct-2020 -- CEER response to the Commission's public consultation on the New Consumer Agenda Customers
13-Oct-2020 -- CEER-BEUC 2030 Vision for Energy Consumers: LET'S ASPIRE! Customers
23-Sep-2020 -- ACER/CEER Gas Wholesale Markets Volume  
23-Sep-2020 C20-EPU-40-03 CEER response to the Commission's Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy consultation Cross-Sectoral
01-Sep-2020 C20-MIT-86-05 CEER response to the Commission's public consultation on Energy market regulation – fees to be paid to European agency ACER Cross-Sectoral
05-Aug-2020 C20-EPU-40-04 CEER input on the Roadmap for an EU Strategy for Methane Gas
16-Jul-2020 C19-DS-55-05 CEER Paper on DSO Procedures of Procurement of Flexibility Electricity
15-Jul-2020  C19-GS-05-03 CEER Paper on Regulatory Issues Related to the'Delta In-Out' in Distribution Networks Gas
03-Jul-2020 C19-DS-55-07 CEER Note on Stranded Assets in the Distribution Networks Cross-Sectoral
30-Jun-2020 C19-DS-58-03 CEER Paper on Whole System Approaches Cross-Sectoral
19-Jun-2020 -- ACER-CEER Position on Revision of the Trans-European Energy Networks Regulation (TEN-E) and Infrastructure Governance Cross-Sectoral
16-Jun-2020 C20-EWG-154-03 CEER Response to the Commission's Public Consultation on Procedural Clarification in CACM, EB, FCA and SO Guidelines Electricity
08-Jun-2020 C20-GWG-164-03 CEER input on the roadmap for an EU strategy for Hydrogen Gas
04-Jun-2020 C20-CS-58-03 CEER Paper on Cybersecurity in the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package Cross-Sectoral
20-May-2020 C19-RES-64-04a CEER Paper on Unsupported RES Electricity
19-May-2020 C20-GA-154-04 CEER's input to an EU Strategy for Smart Sector Integration Cross-Sectoral
14-May-2020 C20-GA-153-06 CEER response to the Commission’s public consultation on the priority list of Network Codes Cross-Sectoral
29-Apr-2020 C19-RBM-19-05 Report on National Models of Cooperation among Different Sectoral Regulators in the Context of Consumer Law Enforcement Cross-Sectoral
20-Apr-2020 C19-DS-55-04 CEER Paper on Electricity Distribution Tariffs Supporting the Energy Transition Electricity
14-Apr-2020 PR 20-02 Press release: Keeping the lights on saves lives – Energy sector and regulators guarantee energy supply during lockdown Press Release
03-Mar-2020 C19-IRM-20-03-14 CEER Recommendations on Dynamic Price Implementation Customers
21-Feb-2020 C19-EQS-101-03 2nd CEER Report on Power Losses (version with Corrigendum published 23 March 2020) Electricity
28-Jan-2020 C19-IRB-48-03 CEER Report on Regulatory Frameworks for European Energy Networks Cross-Sectoral
08-Jan-2020 C19-WPDC-31-06 CEER Work Programme 2020 Work Programmes
23-Dec-2019 C19-MIT-84-03 CEER response to ESMA's Consultation Paper on MIFID II review report on position limits and position management Cross-Sectoral
18-Dec-2019 C19-CS-56-03 Cybersecurity Benchmark Cross-Sectoral
21-Nov-2019 C19-MRM-99-02 CEER Monitoring Report on the Performance of European Retail Markets in 2018 Customers
19-Nov-2019 -- The Bridge Beyond 2025 Conclusions Paper Gas
19-Nov-2019 C18-RGS-03-03 CEER Evaluation of Responses of the Consultation on a Sustainable Gas Sector Gas
06-Nov-2019 C19-PEER-07-06 CEER Guide on Bundled Products Cross-Sectoral
30-Oct-2019 C18-RMR-01-03 Self-Assessment Status Report 2018 for the Roadmap to 2025 Well-Functioning Retail Energy Markets Customers
30-Oct-2019 -- The three first volumes on the Results of Monitoring the Internal Electricity and Natural Gas Markets in 2018 National reports
10-Oct-2019 C19-DSG-09-04 CEER Conclusions Paper on Dynamic Regulation to Enable Digitalisation of the Energy System Cross-Sectoral
03-Oct-2019 C19-EQS-95-03b Note on CEER engagement to further improve comparability of continuity indicators Cross-Sectoral
29-Aug-2019 -- Report on Pan-European cost-efficiency benchmark for electricity TSOs Electricity
29-Aug-2019 -- Report on Pan-European cost-efficiency benchmark for gas TSOs Gas
07-Aug-2019 C19-CEM-120-03 Implementing Consumer Rights of the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package Customers
24-Jul-2019 C18-LNG-37-03 How to Foster LNG Markets in Europe Gas
22-Jul-2019 C19-IRM-16-04 Implementing Technology that Benefits Consumers in the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package Customers
03-Jul-2019 -- Update on CEER-RAERESA Capacity Building International
Capacity Building
03-Jul-2019 -- Update on CEER-EBRD Capacity Building International
Capacity Building
25-Jun-2019 C18-CRM9_DS7-05-03 Report on Regulatory Aspects of Self-Consumption and Energy Communities Cross-Sectoral
14-Jun-2019  C18-LAC-02-08 Status Review on Implementation of TSO and DSO Unbundling Provisions Cross-Sectoral
16-Apr-2019 C18-MIT-79-04 CEER Note on Accepted Market Practices in the Energy Sector Cross-Sectoral
22-Mar-2019 C18-DS-46-08 New Services and DSO Involvement Cross-Sectoral
18-Jan-2019 C18-IRB-38-03 Report on Regulatory Frameworks for European Energy Networks Cross-Sectoral
09-Jan-2019 C18-WPDC-30-06 CEER Work Programme 2019 Work Programmes
09-Jan-2019 C18-BM-124-04 CEER's 3D Strategy (2019-2021) Cross-Sectoral