List of Publications
30-May-2023 C23-DS-83-06 CEER Paper on Alternative Connection Agreements Electricity
19-May-2023   CEER Annual Report 2022 Annual Reports
16-May-2023 PR 23-05 CEER Customer Conference identifies pathways for a successful green and digital transition Press Releases
05-May-2023 PR 23-04 Press Release: EU assists Armenia in further developing its Regulatory Framework in the energy sector Press Releases
06-Apr-2023 C23-GWG-187-03 CEER response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the priority list for the establishment of gas network codes and guidelines for 2023 (and beyond) Gas
23-Mar-2023 C21-RES-79-03 CEER Report on Tendering Procedures for Renewable Energy Sources in Europe Electricity
16-Mar-2023 PR 23-03 Energy Regulators welcome Commission’s proposal for Electricity Market Reform, preserving the fundamentals and being pro-consumer Press Releases
13-Mar-2023 PR 23-02 Press Release: Eastern European Energy Leaders in Brussels to Upgrade Skills in Green Transition Press Releases
20-Feb-2023 PR 23-01 Press Release: CEER representatives of EU4Energy Programme Visit Baku Press Releases
14-Feb-2023   ACER-CEER: Reaction to the European Commission’s public consultation on electricity market design Electricity
26-Jan-2023 C23-EPU-50-03 What Regulators Stood for in the Second Half of 2022 Cross-Sectoral
20-Jan-2023 C22-WPDC-40-04 CEER Work Programme 2023 Work Programmes
19-Jan-2023 C22-IRB-61-03 Report on Regulatory Frameworks for European Energy Networks 2022 Cross-Sectoral
22-Dec-2022 PR 22-13 CEER and ECRB publish flagship report on quality of energy supply in Europe Press Releases
22-Dec-2022 C22-EQS-103-03 7th CEER-ECRB Benchmarking Report on the Quality of Electricity and Gas Supply Cross-Sectoral
20-Dec-2022 C21-IRM/DS-45-03 Digitalisation as a driver for better Retail Market functioning Customers
19-Dec-2022 PR 22-12 Regulators from across Europe and the Mediterranean region kick-start initiative on sustainable empowerment, security of energy supply and interoperability of the systems Press Releases
13-Dec-2022 PR 22-11 At CEER Annual Conference, energy stakeholders urge careful approach to long-term market reforms distinguished from considerations of well-structured measures to deal with current crisis Press Releases
12-Dec-2022   Joint Common Principles for Enhanced Consumer Protection this Winter Customers
07-Nov-2022 C22-CEM-150-03 Update of Guidelines of Good Practice for Trustworthy Information on Green Offers and Consumer Protection against Misleading Marketing Public Consultations
03-Nov-2022   MMR: Decarbonised Gases and Hydrogen Volume National Reports
26-Oct-2022   Guide For Investing In Renewable Energies In Eastern Partnership 2022 Cross-sectoral
26-Oct-2022 PR 22-10 Press Release: Top-Tier Energy Regulators Meet in Tbilisi To Spur Investments in Renewable Energy Press Releases
26-Oct-2022 PR 22-09 CEER elects five Vice Presidents to two-and-a-half-year terms Press Releases
07-Oct-2022   Energy Retail and Consumer Protection Market Monitoring Report National Reports
03-Oct-2022 PR 22-08 Press Release: EU4Energy Strengthens Knowledge of EaP Students in Clean Energy Transition  Press Releases
15-Sep-2022 PR 22-07 Press Release: EU and CEER Launch Training on Renewable Energy Support Mechanisms and Guarantees of Origin for EaP Countries Press-Releases
04-Aug-2022 C22-CEM-147-03 Guidelines of Good Practice on Future-proof Comparison Tools in the Energy Sector Customers
20-Jul-2022 PR 22-06 Europe’s energy regulators welcome proactive approach of the
“Save Gas for a Safe Winter” Plan
15-Jul-2022   MMR: Gas Wholesale Markets Volume  National Reports
14-Jul-2022 C22-EPU-47-05 What Regulators Stood for in the First Half of 2022 Cross-sectoral
29-Jun-2022 C21-LNG-41-03 CEER Report on Liquefied Natural Gas Small-Scale Services in the European Union Gas
15-Jun-2022 PR 22-05 European and Mediterranean regulators join efforts to accelerate the energy transition Press-Releases
03-Jun-2022   ACER-CEER Reaction to the European Commission’s Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Market Package Gas
31-May-2022 C22-RBM-37-04 Dynamic NRAs to Boost Innovation Cross-Sectoral
25-May-2022 C21-DS-74-04 CEER Paper on Regulatory Sandboxes in Incentive Regulation Cross-Sectoral
25-May-2022 PR 22-04 EU4Energy Holds a Workshop on the Role of Renewable Energy Sources – the Concept of a Smart City/Village Press-Releases
29-Apr-2022 -- ACER-CEER views on the proposal for a regulation amending the SoS and gas storage Regulations Gas
28-Apr-2022 PR 22-03 EU4Energy in Collaboration with EUNeighbours East Launch Energy Efficiency Campaign for Children Press-Releases
27-Apr-2022 C21-GIF-169-07 CEER Reflection Paper on Regulation of Long-Term Energy Storage from a Sector-Coupling Perspective Gas
18-Apr-2022 C22-GWG-179-03 CEER feedback to EC on methane emissions regulation Gas
12-Apr-2022 C22-GWG-178-03 CEER feedback to EC on gas and H2 package (Directive & Regulation) Gas
11-Apr-2022 -- ACER CEER Reflection on EC offshore strategy Electricity
23-Mar-2022 PR 22-02 Press Release: In midst of energy crisis, CEER brings regulators, policy makers and consumers together for open discussions on ways forward Press-Releases
22-Mar-2022 -- CEER Annual Report 2021 Annual Reports
16-Mar-2022 PR 22-01 Press Release: Europe's energy regulators stand with Ukraine in today's power grid synchronisation with Continental Europe Press-Releases
23-Feb-2022 C21-RMR-26-04-01 CEER Roadmap to 2025 Well-Functioning Retail Energy Markets 2020 Self-Assessment Status Report Customers
08-Feb-2022 C21-COV-09-03 CEER Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic's Effects on the Energy Sector - Second Report Cross-Sectoral
31-Jan-2022 C21-IRB-61-03 CEER Report on Regulatory Frameworks for European Energy Networks 2021 Cross-Sectoral
28-Jan-2022 C22-EPU-45-11 What Regulators Stood for in the Second Half of 2021 Cross-Sectoral
19-Jan-2022 C21-DS-CRM-04-03 CEER Response to the European Commission’s consultation on the Action Plan for digitalising the energy sector Cross-Sectoral
14-Jan-2022 C21-WPDC-36-04 CEER Work Programme 2022 Work-Programmes
23-Dec-2021 C21-GWG-177-09 CEER response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the priority list for the development of gas network codes and guidelines for 2022 (and beyond) Gas
21-Dec-2021 C21-FP-52-03 CEER Report on Redispatching Arrangements in Europe against the Background of the Clean Energy Package Requirements Electricity
20-Dec-2021 C21-GWG-173-07 ACER-CEER Position Paper on the Key Regulatory Requirements to Achieve Gas Decarbonisation Gas
29-Nov-2021 PR 21-08 Press Release: EU4Energy and the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan Host Roundtable on Clean Energy Transition in Azerbaijan Press-Releases
24-Nov-2021 C21-DS-72-03 CEER Views on Electricity Distribution Network Development Plans Electricity
19-Nov-2021 C21-CRM-148-06 CEER Feedback to the European Commission on the Proposal for an EU Directive on Energy Efficiency (recast) COM(2021) 558 Cross-Sectoral
19-Nov-2021 PR 21-07 Press Release: EU4Energy Launched Series of Workshops for Representatives of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure and the Energy Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Armenia Press-Releases
18-Nov-2021 C21-EPU-45-03 CEER Feedback to the European Commission on the Review of the Directive 2018/2001/EU on the Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources Cross-Sectoral
09-Nov-2021 -- ACER-CEER MMR Energy Retail and Consumer Protection Volume National Reports
04-Nov-2021 -- ACER-CEER MMR Electricity Wholesale Market Volume National Reports
25-Oct-2021 PR 21-06 European Union Hosts Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for Eastern Partnership Universities Press Releases
20-Oct-2021 C21-RES-75-05 CEER 2nd Paper on Unsupported RES Cross-sectoral
19-Oct-2021 PR 21-05 EU and CEER Launch Training on Electricity Market Design and Green Deal for Eastern Partnership Countries Press Releases
20-Sept-2021 C20-CRM-DS-03-03 CEER Report on Innovative Business Models and Consumer Protection Challenges Cross-sectoral
10-Sept-2021 C21-DS-CRM-03-07 CEER input on “Roadmap to the Action Plan on the Digitalisation of the Energy Sector" Cross-sectoral
03-Sept-2021 C21-DS-CRM-03-06 CEER Response to the EC Consultation on the Data Act Cross-sectoral
02-Aug-2021 -- CEER Response to the EC Consultation on CEEAG Cross-sectoral
22-Jul-2021 -- ACER-CEER White Paper on Rules to Prevent Methane Leakage in the Energy Sector Regulatory White Papers
19-Jul-2021 C21-EPU-44-15 What Regulators Stood for in the First Half of 2021 Cross-sectoral
14-Jul-2021 -- ACER - CEER MMR Gas Wholesale Markets Volume National Reports
12-Jul-2021 PR 21-04 Dr Annegret Groebel is re-appointed President of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) Press Release
08-Jul-2021 PR 21-03 PR 21-03: Promoting the Clean Energy Transition in the Eastern Partnership Countries: EU4Energy Press Release
28-Jun-2021 C20-RES-69-04 CEER Status Review of Renewable Support Schemes in Europe for 2018 and 2019 Electricity
22-Jun-2021 C21-GWG-171-03 CEER Response to the EC Public Consultation on the Hydrogen and Gas Market Decarbonisation Package Gas
10-Jun-2021 C21-SSG-06-05 CEER 2022-2025 Strategy "Empowering Consumers for the Energy Transition" Cross Sectoral
26-May-2021 PR 21-02 PR 21-02: European and Mediterranean regulators continue to encourage greater consumer engagement in markets Press Releases
18-May-2021 C21-DS-EWG-68-04 CEER Response to the European Commission ASSET Study on Regulatory Priorities for Enabling Demand Side Flexibility Electricity
05-May-2021 C21-FP-49-03 CEER Report on Long-Term Generation  Investment Signals in a Market with High Shares of Renewables Electricity
26-Apr-2021 C20-RBM-23-04 CEER Report on Monitoring NRAs’ Independence Cross Sectoral
08-Apr-2021 C21-RBM-28-04 CEER Approach to More Dynamic Regulation Cross Sectoral
29-Mar-2021 -- CEER 2020 Annual Report Annual Reports
29-Mar-2021 C21-COV-04-04 CEER First Analysis of the COVID-19's Pandemic Effects on the Energy Sector Cross Sectoral
23-Mar-2021 C19-CEM-132-03 CEER Report on Billing Issues in the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package Customers
11-Mar-2021 C20-IRB-54-03 CEER Report on Regulatory Frameworks for European Energy Networks 2020 Cross Sectoral
9-Mar-2021 C21-GWG-169-03 CEER Input for the European Commission's Hydrogen and Gas markets decarbonisation package roadmap Gas
5-Mar-2021 -- ACER-CEER Paper on Improving the Proposed TEN-E Revision Cross Sectoral
15-Feb-2021 C21-FP-48-03 CEER White Paper on Long-Term Storage Regulatory White Papers
12-Feb-2021 C21-EWG-GWG-159-03 CEER response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the EU renewable energy rules – review Cross Sectoral
11-Feb-2021   ACER-CEER White Paper on Regulatory Treatment of Power-to-Gas Regulatory White Papers
09-Feb-2021 C21-CRM-141-05 CEER response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the EU energy efficiency directive (EED) Cross Sectoral
09-Feb-2021   ACER - CEER White Paper on the Regulation of Hydrogen Networks Regulatory White Papers
29-Jan-2021 C21-GWG-168-06 CEER response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the priority list for the establishment of gas network codes and guidelines Gas
28-Jan-2021 C20-EPU-42-03 What regulators stood for in 2020! Cross Sectoral
14-Jan-2021 C20-WPDC-35-04 CEER Work Programme 2021 Work Programmes
21-Dec-2020 C20-GI-63-03 Status Review Report on Regulatory Frameworks for Innovation and Security of Supply in Gas Transmission Infrastructure Gas
16-Dec-2020 PR 20-06 PR 20-06: Regulators welcome the Commission’s Trans-European Networks for Energy (TEN-E) proposals but see scope for further improvement for energy network development Press Releases
17-Nov-2020 C20-RES-67-03 2nd CEER Report on Tendering Procedures for RES in Europe Electricity
16-Nov-2020 PR 20-05 CEER welcomes the New Consumer Agenda and stands ready to engage in a wide-ranging dialogue on its priorities and actions to promote consumer protection in the years ahead Press Releases
12-Nov-2020 C20-RMR-11-04-01 Self-Assessment Status Report 2019 for the Roadmap to 2025 Well-Functioning Retail Energy Markets Customers
28-Oct-2020 PR 20-04 PR 20-04: Whilst gas wholesale markets for the most part function efficiently, challenges remain for both electricity and retail energy markets across Europe Press Releases
27-Oct-2020 C20-INF-74-03 CEER Status Review Report on Regulatory Frameworks for Innovation in Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Electricity
26-Oct-2020 -- ACER/CEER Energy Retail and Consumer Protection Volume National reports
21-Oct-2020 -- ACER/CEER Electricity Wholesale Markets Volume National reports
14-Oct-2020 -- CEER response to the Commission's public consultation on the New Consumer Agenda Customers
13-Oct-2020 -- CEER-BEUC 2030 Vision for Energy Consumers: LET'S ASPIRE! Customers
23-Sep-2020 -- ACER/CEER Gas Wholesale Markets Volume  
23-Sep-2020 C20-EPU-40-03 CEER response to the Commission's Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy consultation Cross-Sectoral
01-Sep-2020 C20-MIT-86-05 CEER response to the Commission's public consultation on Energy market regulation – fees to be paid to European agency ACER Cross-Sectoral
05-Aug-2020 C20-EPU-40-04 CEER input on the Roadmap for an EU Strategy for Methane Gas
16-Jul-2020 C19-DS-55-05 CEER Paper on DSO Procedures of Procurement of Flexibility Electricity
15-Jul-2020  C19-GS-05-03 CEER Paper on Regulatory Issues Related to the'Delta In-Out' in Distribution Networks Gas
03-Jul-2020 C19-DS-55-07 CEER Note on Stranded Assets in the Distribution Networks Cross-Sectoral
30-Jun-2020 C19-DS-58-03 CEER Paper on Whole System Approaches Cross-Sectoral
19-Jun-2020 -- ACER-CEER Position on Revision of the Trans-European Energy Networks Regulation (TEN-E) and Infrastructure Governance Cross-Sectoral
16-Jun-2020 C20-EWG-154-03 CEER Response to the Commission's Public Consultation on Procedural Clarification in CACM, EB, FCA and SO Guidelines Electricity
08-Jun-2020 C20-GWG-164-03 CEER input on the roadmap for an EU strategy for Hydrogen Gas
04-Jun-2020 C20-CS-58-03 CEER Paper on Cybersecurity in the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package Cross-Sectoral
20-May-2020 C19-RES-64-04a CEER Paper on Unsupported RES Electricity
19-May-2020 C20-GA-154-04 CEER's input to an EU Strategy for Smart Sector Integration Cross-Sectoral
14-May-2020 C20-GA-153-06 CEER response to the Commission’s public consultation on the priority list of Network Codes Cross-Sectoral
29-Apr-2020 C19-RBM-19-05 Report on National Models of Cooperation among Different Sectoral Regulators in the Context of Consumer Law Enforcement Cross-Sectoral
20-Apr-2020 C19-DS-55-04 CEER Paper on Electricity Distribution Tariffs Supporting the Energy Transition Electricity
14-Apr-2020 PR 20-02 Press release: Keeping the lights on saves lives – Energy sector and regulators guarantee energy supply during lockdown Press Release
03-Mar-2020 C19-IRM-20-03-14 CEER Recommendations on Dynamic Price Implementation Customers
21-Feb-2020 C19-EQS-101-03 2nd CEER Report on Power Losses (version with Corrigendum published 23 March 2020) Electricity
28-Jan-2020 C19-IRB-48-03 CEER Report on Regulatory Frameworks for European Energy Networks Cross-Sectoral
08-Jan-2020 C19-WPDC-31-06 CEER Work Programme 2020 Work Programmes