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March 2024 Newsletter 

Countdown Begins: CEER Customer Conference 2024 Just Two Weeks Away!
Don’t miss your chance to register for the upcoming CEER Customer Conference 2024, just two weeks away!

Onsite registrations will be closing on 4 April!
This year, CEER is hosting the event under the theme "From Aspiration to Implementation: Delivering an Energy System Fit For All Consumers." 
The discussions will be articulated around three pillars:
  • consumer protection
  • consumer empowerment
  • decarbonisation
This conference is arranged for both in-person and virtual attendance.
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CEER General Assembly hold their away day and 185th meeting in Brussels
On 6 March, CEER members gathered in Brussels for their away day and 185th General Assembly meeting to discuss upcoming priorities for European energy regulators. Strategic and operational topics on their agenda included the implementation of new EU legislation, electricity market design, retail markets and consumer issues, and international relations with EU neighbours and beyond. The meeting was hosted by the Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (CREG) in the framework of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2024
Belgian Minister of Energy meets European National Energy Regulators
On 7 March, the Belgian Minister of Energy Tinne Van der Straeten met with European national energy regulators represented by CEER President Annegret Groebel, EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) Director, Christian Pilgaard Zinglersen, Vice Chair of ACER, Rafał Gawin, Chair of the ACER Board of Regulators, Clara Poletti and President of the Board of Directors of CREG, Koen Locquet. Hosted by CREG for the Belgian Presidency, discussions addressed regulatory issues related to the EU’s energy priorities such as energy market integration’s role in ensuring strong and reliable security of supply.
CEER Secretary General at DSO Entity Event
On 21 March, CEER Secretary General Mara Berzina participated in a breakfast event organised by EU DSO Entity to unveil their Annual Plan and strategic priorities for 2024. 

Mara expressed support for the emphasis on knowledge sharing between energy stakeholders. NRAs are committed to fulfilling their role in implementing the EU's Grid Action Plan, with a keen awareness of energy consumers' needs and ensuring affordability.
ACER-CEER Consultancy study on the impact of the measures included in the EU and National Gas Storage Regulations
8 March 2024

ACER and CEER commissioned a consultancy (VIS Economic & Energy Consultants) to analyse the measures adopted by Member States to strengthen the use of underground storage facilities in the EU and their contribution to the objectives of the EU gas storage regulation. The first part of the study (published by ACER in October 2023) focused on collecting and assessing storage measures recently applied by EU Member States. This second part assesses storage arrangements in Member States without gas storage facilities, identifies lessons learnt and makes recommendations for better use and implementation of storage measures.

Download the publication
Status review TSO/DSO unbundling - Update on implementation of TSO and DSO Unbundling Provisions & “Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Markets Package” Outlook
20 March 2024

This report provides a general overview of the regulatory regimes applied in 2023 and the required efficiency developments. It analyses the overall determination of capital costs of CEER Members plus Northern Ireland and five Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) members, most of which are CEER Observers, including Ukraine. A major focus is placed on the calculation of an adequate rate of return (RoR), the determination of the regulatory asset base (RAB) and the depreciation of assets in the different regulatory regimes. 

Download the publication
ACER-CEER Paper on Anticipatory Investments
25 March 2024

Requested by the European Commission as a follow up of the 9th Energy Infrastructure Forum (June 2023), this paper analyses the main barriers to anticipatory investments and provides a set of recommendations to promote national incentive schemes to overcome them.

Download the publication
Introducing EU4Energy Phase II Partners: The Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) of the Republic of Armenia
PSRC was established in 1997 and as a multi-sector regulatory body, the scope of PSRC regulation includes the sectors of energy, water, telecommunications, postal services, railway transport in terms of infrastructure usage fee calculation methodology and adoption and mandatory technical inspection of vehicles, only in terms of tariffs. Its functions include setting tariffs, ensuring quality standards, and resolving disputes.

Mr Garegin Baghramyan, Chairman of PSRC, states that “Armenia’s energy sector has been facing several challenges and opportunities. As you may know, the electricity market switched to a new model. The transition to a more liberalised electricity market aimed to promote competition, attract investment, and improve efficiency in the energy sector. The process of market liberalisation involved regulatory reforms, restructuring of the electricity market, and promoting transparency and fair competition. Through regulatory reforms, market restructuring, and the promotion of competition and transparency, Armenia aims to create a dynamic and efficient energy market that benefits consumers, investors, and the economy as a whole. CEER and EU4Energy have assisted PSRC in various issues connected with the overall development of energy sector regulation in Armenia and we hope that this cooperation will continue and deepen throughout the time”.
Stories of Women Leaders in Energy: Jana Haasová
Jana Haasová's remarkable journey serves as an inspiration for young women seeking to advance their careers in the energy sector. Her passion for work, commitment to innovation, and belief in the power of diversity have enriched her career and propelled her to leadership positions. 

Don’t miss the latest entry of the EU4Energy Blog: Women In Energy, where Jana shares valuable insights on empowering women in the energy sector and promoting sustainable practices.
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Our varied selection of courses covering wide-ranging topics to deliver high-quality courses on the practice of regulation and job-related skills for regulatory staff. Certain courses will be open to the public so that the participation of non-regulators will be welcomed in those courses.
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