CEER Training on Wholesale Market Monitoring

10 May 2017, Brussels


National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) have the duties to exercise monitoring activities of the wholesale electricity and gas markets, including the level of transparency of wholesale prices, the level and effectiveness of market opening and competition at the wholesale level.  

staff need expertise to carry out these monitoring activities at national level. As part of this, it is useful for NRA staff to understand the aims and features, methodologies and approaches in wholesale market monitoring from other countries and exchange best practices and experiences with colleagues from other NRAs. 

Designed for: 

Experts from National Regulatory Authorities with previous experience in wholesale market monitoring in electricity and gas (1-2 years experience). Other experts from European Institutions (ACER, European Commission) are also invited to attend. 

Programme overview: 

    • Explore aims and features, theoretical background, challenges, potential problems and solutions of monitoring electricity and gas wholesale markets in the context of increasing competition 

    • Examine different scientific approaches to wholesale market monitoring, particularly those proven to be successful 

    • Discover cases studies of wholesale market monitoring in different countries which cover aims and features, indicators, methodologies, communication of monitoring results,
lessonslearnt, future changes and outlook 

    • Participate in discussion and group work to apply learning from these issues 

With lecturers from ACER,
NRAs and academia, this course provides participants with a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge with experts in market monitoring. 

Course Director:
Deniz Erdem, BNetzA, Co-Chair CEER Market Monitoring and Reporting Task Force
Course Advisor: Prof. Monica Giulietti, University of Loughborough

Download the draft programme for this training course