News on Dynamic Regulation

Press release
Bonn, 27 July 2021

Bundesnetzagentur expands remit with regulatory tasks for hydrogen networks 

The Energy Industry Act (EnWG), which entered into force 27 July 2021, confers new tasks related to the regulation of hydrogen infrastructure on the Bundesnetzagentur. "The new provisions create the necessary framework to get a market for hydrogen off the ground quickly," said Jochen Homann, Bundesnetzagentur President.

Voluntary regulation for hydrogen network operators 

Operators of hydrogen networks will be able to "opt in" to regulation by submitting a declaration. Operators of hydrogen storage facilities will also be able to declare that access to their facilities should take place in accordance with the provisions of the EnWG.

Annual cost comparison 

The Bundesnetzagentur will conduct an annual comparison of planned and actual costs to ensure financing for regulated hydrogen infrastructure that is stable and fit for the future. The conditions and methods for determining the costs and charges are subject to an ordinance of the federal government.

Demand assessment for individual infrastructure projects 

Under the new provisions, the Bundesnetzagentur will undertake an ad hoc demand assessment of individual infrastructure projects to enable the planned projects to be confirmed swiftly, transparently and in a binding manner, bearing in mind that the infrastructure roll-out and market launch are expected to be highly dynamic. More details on the necessary steps of the opt-in declaration and ad hoc demand assessment, as well as further information, may be found on the Bundesnetzagentur website at: