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CEER Guide on Bundled Products (6 November 2019)


PEER Workshop - 6 November 2019 Bundled Products: Dispute Resolution and Consumer Rights Enforcement


PEER Workshop - 2 October 2017


Event Proceedings-Bundled Products (PPT)


PEER Insights-Bundled Products







Case Study – ERSE

The case study describes a situation involving a customer who had their energy supply disconnected due to non-payment for a maintenance service. This was counter to Portuguese law and the case study describes the response taken by Portuguese Regulator, ERSE.


ERSE Case Study Slide


ERSE Case Study summary

ERSE Recommendation on Aditional Services 



Case Study – ACM

ACM (the Dutch multi-sectoral regulator) found, that the level of compliance with the provision of information to consumers was insufficient. Companies understood energy law but not general consumer law. ACM developed an approach that aligns general consumer protection rules with practices in the energy sector.

ACM Case Study Slide


ACM Energy Market Info Consumers



The Partnership for the Enforcement of European Rights (PEER) is an initiative, led by Europe’s energy regulators, to improve the enforcement of the European consumers’ rights through enhanced inter-authority cooperation at EU level. PEER brings together interested authorities responsible for protecting and/or supporting Europe’s consumers across a range of sectors including consumer protection authorities; data protection authorities; consumer bodies; ombudsmen; competition authorities; and sectoral (e.g. energy, telecommunications, financial) regulatory authorities. PEER commenced on a pilot basis in 2017.

Such cross-sectoral and cross-authority collaboration at EU level on issues such as smart meters, the Internet of Things, data privacy, data protection, bundled products and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) will benefit consumers. The Council of European Energy Regulator (CEER) and its PEER partners recognise that better inter-authority cooperation will help meet Europe’s Digital Single Market and Energy Union objectives.  Hence, officials from relevant EU Agencies (including the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC); the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA); and the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulator (ACER)) and from the European Commission (JUST, ENER and CONNECT) are invited to join and engage in the PEER events and activities.

Contact: PEER@ceer.eu