Calendar of CEER training courses 2016

REMIT Implementation * Module 1: Introduction to EC Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) 15-16 February 2016
  Module 2: Specialised Training on REMIT and Links to Financial Markets  21-22 November 2016 
Fundamentals of Energy Regulation Module 1: CEER-FSR joint course on Introduction to EU Energy Regulatory Framework and Policy  18-20 April 2016
  Module 2: CEER-FSR joint course on Introduction to European Electricity and Gas Market Regulation  21-22 April 2016
  Module 3: Specialised Training on Renewables and Electricity Market Design

28-29 November 2016

  Module 4: Specialised Training on Network Tariffs for Transmission and Distribution  20-21 September 2016
Executive Executive Seminar on European Institutions and Developments and Multi-Sector Regulation 8-9 March 2016

Specialised Training on Retail Energy Markets - Monitoring Competition and Consumer Policy

22-23 June 2016
 Legal Review Specialised Training on Legal Issues in Energy Regulation 13-14 October 2016 (postponed to 13-14 Feb 2017)
Others New: Training on Cyber Security and the Protection of the European Energy Sector  12-13 September 2016
  Specialised Training on Projects of Common Interest  18-19 October 2016 

* This REMIT series is reserved for CEER regulators only. Exception can be granted for financial regulators.